Welcome to the Interactive Engagement Site to Help Create the Vision for the Future of Parks and Recreation in Charlottesville!

To help us plan for the future, please take 10 to 15 minutes and complete the following exercises:

Provide feedback on your favorite park! Drop comments directly onto a map to tell us your ideas about specific areas.

Tell us about your thoughts on parks, recreation, and amenities! Your input is a key component to developing a comprehensive system plan.

Image of a man riding his bicycle on a local Charlottesville fitness trail.


The purpose of the City of Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to guide the department for the next 10 years and provide strategic direction and vision to meet current and emerging public needs, as well as remain the primary steward of the significant natural, cultural, and historic resources.

Project Goals:

  • A plan that is grounded in inclusive and accessible community engagement.
  • A future strategy for parks, recreation and greenspaces that is equitable to the entire community regardless of socioeconomic, cultural, racial, or geographic differences.
  • Utilize a wide variety of data sources and best analytical practices to predict trends and patterns of use, community impact, and how to address unmet needs in the City of Charlottesville.
  • Enhance the environmental resiliency of the City by leveraging parks and greenspaces as green infrastructure equitably distributed throughout the community.
  • Shape the financial sustainability and organizational excellence to achieve the strategic objectives, identify revenue opportunities, and ensure future operational and maintenance needs are addressed.
  • Develop a dynamic and realistic action plan.

Image of a playground in Charlottesville.

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